Working on oneself

One thing that I love about the new year, and a new semester is the focus everyone has on improving themselves, or on improving one aspect of their lives. Everybody is motivated, inspired, and focused because this is the new year and it breathes opportunity. I would say my favorite holiday would have to be … Continue reading Working on oneself


Malibu and Moving Forward

Good Morning !! So it has been officially one week since moving back to my home in Malibu, California. It feels really great being back. As I write this I am sipping my coffee and looking out my window where the ocean and sky are blending together as one - it is a little overcast … Continue reading Malibu and Moving Forward

How to save money – Minimalism Series – budgeting, money, what to buy, etc.

Youtube Version of this: CLICK ME!!     Create a savings account and allocate a certain amount for that savings account Prioritize what you spend your money on - is it urban outfitters shopping, going with your friends for meals, or traveling? When purchasing something, ask yourself if you NEED this. Do you NEED this or … Continue reading How to save money – Minimalism Series – budgeting, money, what to buy, etc.

How to Meditate

How to meditate Start with basics Set a timer for 5 minutes every day, sit and focus on your breathing. Allow any thoughts to pass by, acknowledge them, but then re-focus on your breathing Use Tools Focusing on a candle/crystal helps with maintaining steady focus Use a guided meditation if you really can’t get into … Continue reading How to Meditate

The Opera

Ciao! Last night almost everyone in my program went to see The Magic Flute performance, which was one of the most fun experiences I have had while being here. If you are studying abroad in Italy or just traveling, definitely check out the Opera because you won't regret it. The performance of The Magic Flute … Continue reading The Opera